What's included ...

  • Five upload ready Amzon images
  • 1 Hero image
  • 1 Mock lifestyle image including 1 stock image
  • 2 Infographic images
  • 1 product dimensions image
  • Up to 7 product shots
  • All images deep etched to remove background
  • All images focus stacked to ensure the sharpest & clearest images
  • 2000px 'clean' PNG files with no text
  • Transparent PNG files of studio images

What's not included ...

  • The use of models
  • Use of props (unless provided, additional charges may apply)
  • The use of a stylist
  • Images taken outside of the studio
  • Large items - Contact us if over approx. 1m
  • Working files - Supplied PNG's will provide same results
  • Products with more than 4 components - please Contact us to discuss.
The $295 is a guide price for a single component product with the items listed above. This can be further optioned to achieve the outcome that you require but additional charges may apply.

Additional product shots

$20-$40 per product item

Professional studio shots with advanced lighting set ups, focus stacked, cleaned, colour matched and background removed.

Studio images are charged per shot per item or group of items that can stand together.

Additional shots are often required for multi component products & bundles.

Pricing depends on complexity of the product to shoot, if the product needs styling or shaping or is highly reflective for example.


Change an image to a lifestyle image (option, add-on)

add $45 per image/product

Have your product professionally edited into a scene (stock photo) to show the product in use or in context.

Price is for one item to be edited in. Additional charges may apply for multiple products to be edited in, or bundled items.


Infographic image (example)

Visually communicate the differentiation, features & benefits of your product to the customer (Up to 200 characters of text, Client supplied)


Comparison table image (infographic example)

Add a comparison table to your studio images to highlight the differences & benefits of your product over your competition (Up to 300 characters of text, Client supplied)


Offer/Coupon image (infographic example)

Add your offer to your image set for increased visibility. This product comes as a set of 4 identical images with 4 different percentages displayed so you can change your offer as you require.


Additional Stock Images (option, add-on)

add $25 each

Add some additional colour or context to your images with the use of stock photography. These images are used as backgrounds or styling, either in part or full.


Secondary items/inset images

For showing multiple product angles, additional components of your product or close-ups of features. These are charged as additional product shots as above.


eBook spread image (option, add-on)

add $40

Provide a PDF version of your eBook to get a 'spread' created showing internal pages from your eBook. We can also create a mock 3D image of your book from the front cover if required.


Custom Icons (option, add-on)

add $15 per icon

Add custom icons to your images. Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Communicate your features & benefits to cutomers with just a glance.


Express Service (option, add-on)

add $100

If you're running behind or just need to push to the front of the queue.
(After any other booked express jobs)